Client comments
Oksana Tsareva | 07.12.2015

12/28/2014 came to us the black Labrador Grand Persona Esther, Cora. Almost a year passed she became: a lady, a clever, loyal and vigilant friend, loving. Thank you for your work to preserve and improve not only the appearance, but also the internal content of the breed, intellect and health. Alain all of you good health and more pleasant reviews from the owners of your beautiful children.

Eugene | 15.10.2015

I want to say that the puppies are growing in Alena, in fact, with great attention and love, a man puts his soul in dogs, I'm not just saying my own, I left mine. I wish you success and prosperity!

Yuliya | 11.07.2014

Alain, many thanks to you for the happiness that now lives with us!

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